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Who We Are

Popular Genius is an innovation consulting company.

We founded Popular Genius in 2012 as an experiment.  


The hypothesis:  "People that share like-minded goals popularize new forms of collaboration to advance those goals.  This new collaboration creates organic, observable, ever-evolving innovation accelerators for genius thinking."

What We Do

We track brilliant thinking happening all around us everyday in our connected culture.

Popular Genius believes that the brilliant outputs from connected people are changing the world for the better.  


As a result, we've dedicated ourselves to reinventing ways to track, discover and link the momentum behind great ideas in order to accelerate innovation.  

Why We Do It

We help you collaborate with like-minded people that share your goals.

We've worked with clients of all kinds (local, regional, national and global) to prove that any idea, goal or aspiration you believe in can authentically link with others that share your passion.  

Our proprietary research methods define connect brands, businesses and individuals with other collaborators that already believe in supporting your success.  This accelerates your innovation potential.

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